see what our patients say

Since you have been treating my feet I have had no problems whatsoever.

Richard M

I have spent a fortune on treatment for my back with various practitioners. This is a miracle! Christine's advice and provision of orthotics has completely alleviated my back and shoulder pain. I can now stand at work without discomfort.

Caroline S

If you want the best, forget the rest - I’ve tried them – stay with MPC.

James L-W

I came in agony to the first appointment and walked out on a cushion of comfort! Walking is once again a joy.

Bruce F

With many thanks for my now comfy feet, they feel good.

Nora C

Many thanks for seeing me today, my toe feels so much better already!

Mr Q

No pain since seeing you – its brilliant.

Rachael N  (ingrowing toenail)

I haven’t needed a further appointment as you have sorted out my feet totally. I will certainly contact you again if I ever have another problem.

Deb D

Thank you so much for your amazing treatment to Rosie’s ingrowing toenail. She was dreading it but you were so kind and gentle and reassuring – you took all the fear away. I can’t thank you enough.

Anna R

You saved my life! It would have been such a waste of all the training if I couldn’t have run.

Marathon man

You very kindly fitted me in – I am very very grateful. You worked wonders. Thank you for saving me.

Barbara S

You are brilliant!

Joy V

Many thanks Christine. Feet are very comfortable already.

Bruce F

The only complaint I had about you was that your clinic often runs late. However, I have realised that the quality of treatment you provide cannot always fit into a specific time slot and you never compromise on the treatment to make it do so. You also never ‘short change’ the following patients to make up time. So my complaint has changed to approval – admiration even. It is not often one encounters such dedication and professionalism and I for one certainly don’t mind waiting a while, in your very pleasant waiting room, in order to reap the benefits of seeing you. Thank you.

Colin K

My feet are a lot better thanks to the insoles – half the worry I had before already! Thank you for what you have done so far.

Carla H-R

Wonderful. Fantastic job. No problems since seeing you.

John L

So glad I found you.

Ann A

Wonderful! I can walk without pain for the first time for years. Such a relief.

Maureen P

I am a new woman! The pain was waking me at night and I couldn’t walk without limping. Thank you so much.

Sara W


Christine S

A revelation! I should have come years ago.

Quinton S

You worked your magic yet again! Toe all healed and pain free!

Sally P-R

What you have done to my ingrowing toe nail is amazing. Absolutely delighted.

Elaine S

I have seen many Podiatrists but have never been treated like this before. My feet feel amazing. Thank you so much.

Nicole K

Years and years of pain and treatments – and you make me an amazing silicone device to wear between my toes and save me totally. Problem solved!! It has been totally life-changing for me. I can’t thank you enough.


Christine is an outstanding Podiatrist. The only negative comment I might make is that her clinics often run late. However, although this was annoying on the first occasion, I now appreciate that it is reflective of the in-depth treatment and attention she gives to every patient. Realistically, if you want the best you would not expect them to provide ‘conveyor belt’ service. Once treated, you would certainly never consider going elsewhere.

Geoff H

Wonderful since appointment – cannot believe how the pain disappeared immediately.