What Is a Podiatrist? 

“What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?” is one of the questions I am most frequently asked.

The answer is actually – none!  It is simply a case of terminology, with the title of ‘Podiatrist’ replacing ‘Chiropodist’ as the internationally recognised name for ‘foot specialist’.

Many years ago Chiropodists were not regulated and were more or less regarded as ‘nail and corn cutters’, primarily for the elderly.  As Medicine and medical professions progressed, the Chiropody profession developed and its scope of Practice evolved.  State Registration was introduced and following three years full-time training, professionals qualified with a Diploma/degree in Podiatric Medicine (SRCH, DPodM – changed in 1980’s to BSc(Hons), DPodM).

Some practitioners did not undertake State Registration training, but in 2005 the Profession was closed, meaning that all new Podiatry students must now graduate with a Podiatry Degree from a recognised School of Podiatry and it is a legal requirement that anyone currently in Podiatry (Chiropody) Practice (whether previously State Registered or not), must be registered with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC).

As a foot specialists, Podiatrists are involved in the treatment of all foot problems including routine care (corns, callous, nail problems etc.) verrucae, and nail surgery for ingrowing toe nails.  Foot Health Education is an important role in helping to prevent foot disorders in all ages and types of patients, but particularly for children, diabetics and rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Sports clubs, ballet schools etc will usually have contacts with a local Podiatrist and most Podiatrists work closely with other medical professionals to provide a holistic approach for the patient.

Another large area of our work is in Gait Analysis, or Biomechanics, where we look at the way a patient is walking to ascertain whether they have a structural imbalance that is causing/contributing to their pain/problem . Biomechanics is of particular significance in cases of sports injuries and treating children with gait problems or toe/foot deformities.  Treatment may then be with orthotics or insoles, exercises and other advice.

Naturally some Practitioners specialise in some areas of Podiatry more than others.  This is particularly so of Podiatric Surgeons, who are Podiatrists who have undertaken extensive postgraduate training in Orthopaedics and Surgery, enabling them to carry out a range of surgical procedures on the foot, such as ‘bunions’, hammer toes, neuromas and other soft tissue lesions.  Increasingly Podiatric Surgeons are being appointed as Consultants with NHS Hospitals, as well as working in Private practice.

(article from p.24  Marlborough Newsletter)

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